A Question You Shouldn’t Ask

I am alarmed at how often people ask us deeply personal questions about our future son. It’s always subtle, too; snuck into the ends of other normal (more appropriate) questions about

All Things Home Study

The last time I wrote about the Home Study, Michael and I were still in the middle of completing the requirements. Now that we’re finished, I wanted to take some time

30 Thoughts Upon Turning 30

Some say that your thirties are the best years of your life. The mutual consensus is that you know who you are, you’ve come into your own, and people respect you

A Tale of Two Feelings

When you decide to adopt a child, you’ll often hear about how emotional and exhausting the process is. Until now, those “emotionally exhausting” moments have been word of mouth descriptions about

Our Decision to Adopt

It’s an understatement to say that from the time I was little I’ve felt an innate calling to adopt a child. In the same way some women yearn to be biological