A Question You Shouldn’t Ask

I am alarmed at how often people ask us deeply personal questions about our future son. It’s always subtle, too; snuck into the ends of other normal (more appropriate) questions about what the next steps are in bringing him home. They know it’s inappropriate, but their curiosity seemingly outweighs

All Things Home Study

The last time I wrote about the Home Study, Michael and I were still in the middle of completing the requirements. Now that we’re finished, I wanted to take some time to write out how this step in the adoption process happened. Gathering and notarizing our documents (within the

It’s Fragile Until It’s Final

We’re currently three months into our adoption journey, and I’m still searching for the right words to describe how I feel. You know those montage sequences in films where the underdog is broken down, over and over again, only to be built back up stronger, tougher, and grittier than

Why We’re Not Changing Our Son’s Name

I’d like to preface this blog post with three thoughts: People, generally, for the most part, mean well Asking questions is a sign of curiosity, and that curiosity is the natural byproduct of showing that you care about someone (or their experiences). Please don’t stop caring about people I

The Past